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Foam Swabs

Foam Swabs

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Designed to deliver exceptional precision and cleanliness in a wide range of applications. These swabs feature a high-quality foam head and a sturdy polypropylene handle, ensuring both efficiency and durability for your specific needs.

The foam head of our swabs is meticulously crafted to provide optimal absorbency and softness. This allows for gentle yet effective cleaning, ideal for delicate surfaces, electronic components, and other sensitive equipment. The foam material ensures superior dust and particle capture, preventing residue or contaminants from being spread or left behind.

Measuring at a total length of 124 mm, our Foam Swabs offer an ideal balance between maneuverability and reach. The length provides ample flexibility to access hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing any damage or scratches. The polypropylene handle offers excellent grip and control, allowing for precise movements and enhancing overall usability.

These Foam Swabs are versatile and suitable for various applications, including electronics maintenance, printer maintenance, laboratory work, optics cleaning, and much more. 

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